You may think that orthodontics is strictly for kids in junior high or high school, but that is simply not the case! People into their 80s are opting for orthodontic treatments, and almost a quarter of all orthodontic patients are adults. In some cases, the treatment time may be longer for adults than for teens or children since adult jawbones have fully developed. Depending on your oral health, some preexisting dental issues such as tooth loss or gum disease may need to be addressed before your treatment begins. But we will work with you to find the best solution for straightening your smile.

As an adult, your primary interest in improving your alignment may be aesthetic. After all, you will naturally want to look your best when you are on the job or spending times with friends and family. While orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance, it can also help you eat and speak more effectively. And when your smile is correctly aligned, your teeth will strike each other at the proper angles, which can prevent dental damage. You will also be at a much lower risk for problems such as gum disease and TMJ disorders.

If you are an adult and the time has come to straighten your smile, call our office and schedule your visit with our orthodontist and team.